“Here to bring healthy and delicious food to our community.”

Brittany Lozdoski

About EPIC

Eating Plants Is Cool

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Hello, I’m Brittany!

aka B

The gal behind the planty creations of Epic. This is a culmination of my love of travel, desire to help the planet, and my dream of bringing healthy and delicious meals to my community. What started as a hobby has now turned into a beautiful opportunity to connect with my community in a much deeper way. 

The Roots | How it all started

I am a Central City implant from Illinois; a nomad at heart. After leaving Illinois and moving to California, I found myself moving to Maui, Hawaii. For a year and a half, while working alongside some of the most inspiring cooks, I spent time learning to grow food and crafting recipes from scratch. I also met my favorite person, my partner, Nathan. It was an epic adventure and such an inspiring chapter of my life.

Nathan and I dreamed up plans and ideas for starting a small-scale farm and working with food to bring the community together. Together, we ventured back to his hometown in Central City, Nebraska to plant our roots and begin our journey.

And in 2021, EPIC was finally born. It’s been a wild learning curve (thankful for great mentors), but it has been the most humbling experience to see it all unfold and watch the love and support from my community. I am absolutely pumped to continue to grow with everyone while eating some delicious food in the meantime. From my plate to yours, let’s eat!

Epic is built around and for the local community. We source as many of our ingredients as possible (when in season) with Local Edge Farm. Our main focus and inspiration when crafting new salad recipes is our community and crafting unique recipes inspired by the flavors from my travels, colors of mother nature, and just beautiful food in general.

We are honored to have the opportunity to fill our local community with health-conscious and good-for-the-planet meals.

Not your average salad

The Logo

EPIC’s Logo represents what it takes to grow the food we eat. Inspired by mother nature and living naturally with the land, EPIC is designed to work with what nature provides us to nourish our bodies and the environment.

Hover over the Orange Circles to learn more about what each part of the logo represents 


The Sun

gives the energy our plants need to grow, produce, and thrive


The Water

gives our plants and our bodies the hydration it needs to grow


The Earth

gives the plants the nutrients they need to grow

EPIC Offerings

Salad Delivery

Farmers Markets

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Word On The Street


“Feel like I am in a Different Country”

OMG……The Jackfruit Tortilla Soup is PHEONOMAL (not that everything else isn’t)… I really feel like I am in a different country when eating this!!!!!! Next time I will be ordering 10!

Michelle B

“Amazing Customer Service”

I have to give this businesswoman a huge shout-out. Not only does she make salads that are a flavor party, healthy, and filling even on a busy workday…but she provides amazing customer service. Travis and I have dietary restrictions that she cheerfully works around so we can participate in her weekly offerings. Give Epic a try, friends! Your taste buds will thank you!

Susan H

“So Yummy”

Oh my goodness…we just finished our salads and soup from this week’s delivery. AMAZING!! So yummy…I’m thankful for your talents and service.

Angie P


We are a delivery business only. No dine-in or take-out.

The new menu comes out every Friday | Orders must be in by Sunday by 5 PM.

Deliveries go out Tuesday & Wednesday of the following week (delivery day depends on your location).

Contact Us

Questions, comments, or looking to book a catering event? Reach out and let’s chat!